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Stopping in the Black Forest

A May 2005 trip to Black Forest by books

Bridge Over the River Oos Photo, Black Forest, Germany More Photos
Quote: In need of some real R&R? Head for the hills of the Black Forest. Hiking, soaking in mineral spas, exploring small villages, shopping--it's all there.

Stopping in the Black Forest


Elzach Downtown Photo, Black Forest, Germany
As nature lovers, we really enjoyed hiking around the Gutach Wasserfall near Triberg. The friendly little squirrels were beggars, just like American chipmunks. Driving through the Black Forest is pleasant, with its farms, pretty villages, and valleys. As we left Triburg heading west, we stopped in Elzach to buy sandwiches and stamps. No one we encountered spoke English well, but we really liked this village and would like to return someday.

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You need a car in the Black Forest. Riding the bus would limit you to a few places like Triberg and Titisee. Most of the fun is exploring the little back roads and the walking trails.
Hotel Romischer Kaiser Photo, Black Forest, Germany
The Hotel Romischer Kaiser is run by the Siegrist family. It is actually in the small village of Nussbach, about 2km east of Triberg.Our room was large, with bath and TV. We paid EUR 68, but we were there just before the summer rates kicked in. The room had a double bed, a sofa, TV, and the bathroom was basic, but everything was clean. We were offered a choice of two rooms—the larger room streetside or a smaller, quieter room. In Houston, we live on a busy street, and the traffic through this village didn’t begin to compare to what goes by our house every day. However, there is no A/C, so you must open the windows if it is warm. Breakfast is included in the price.About 8pm, a busload ...Read More

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In the restaurant, there are two sections--one in the main building with the bar, and the adjacent glass room. The glassed-in area was quite pleasant, with plants and tables with tablecloths and candles. The menu was in German, and the server didn't speak English well, so we had to take a chance on what we were getting. Everything was good, and I especially liked the goulash soup. Since we were also staying the night, they just added the dinner to our room tab. Mr. Siegrist speaks English fairly well.

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Bridge Over the River Oos Photo, Black Forest, Germany
Strolling Baden-Baden’s Lichtentaler Allee provides a pleasant diversion. Go around lunchtime and have a picnic along the way. It’s all park along the brick-lined Oos River, with huge trees and mansions. Some of the trees are quite unusual, with branches growing near the ground. How I would have enjoyed the shady "playhouse" when I was a kid!If you walk the whole 1½ miles, you will end up at an abbey, where you can return on foot or the bus. We walked to the tennis courts, took a left across a bridge, and went into the rose garden. There are many seats among the roses, pools, and statues here. I found a unicorn with a fish tail to be quite interesting. Unfortunately for us, the roses were s...Read More

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Tour Boat Photo, Black Forest, Germany
Just across the Rhein from Freiburg is the city of Strasbourg, France, with its picturesque historic center. Many of its buildings are half-timbered, showing its German influence. A beautiful cathedral, cobbled streets, and a pleasant river walk make it worth a quick stop, even on a busy itinerary. It’s a delightful place to just stroll the streets. Cathedral Notre Dame is a superb example of Gothic architecture. It stands on a large cobbled square. There is an astronomical clock which performs daily at 12:30, when the Apostles march and the cock crows. There is a small fee to watch the clock.Water plays an important part in old Strasbourg, as the Ill River encircles the area. The 90...Read More

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Gutach Wasserfall


Gutach Wasserfall Photo, Black Forest, Germany
Deep in the Black Forest at Triberg is a waterfall walk. Technically speaking, Gutach Wasserfall is not a waterfall, but a series of cascades. The Gutach rapids bounce 500 feet down the mountain amidst huge boulders and tall trees.There are several ways to access the falls. If you are staying in Triberg, you can just walk from town. However, if you are driving, you must pay to park there. South of Triberg on 500 is a free parking area. Pay the man in the booth EUR 3 to enter the nature area. If you like little furry creatures, buy a bag of peanuts from him also to feed the squirrels. These squirrels look different than U.S. squirrels. They have pointy ears and are more red, but they love p...Read More

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