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Weekend Getaway to Universal Studios Hollywood

A July 2005 trip to Los Angeles by CaRJuNKeGrL

Quote: A quick weekend getaway to Universal Studios in Hollywood.
There is no way I'll ever stay here again. The rooms weren't all that bad, but the service was atrocious. Only half the rooms had high-speed internet access, even though the website claimed there was high-speed internet access throughout the hotel. We ended up having to switch to a non-smoking room so we could have internet access after one night. The front-desk man was extremely rude. And when we went to check out, I ended up having to use my credit card to pay instead of the gift cards I was told I could use, plus they charged me over $100 more for my stay. I was running late to catch my flight, so I finally gave in and signed their bill. Except for where the lobby is, the place looks like a comp...Read More

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