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A July 2005 trip to Finger Lakes by PurpleCrayon

Seneca Lake Photo, Finger Lakes, New York More Photos
Quote: In my opinion, the Finger Lakes are among NY's best-kept secrets. There are so many appealing aspects of this region, from parks to wineries to fabulous scenery.

Revisiting the Undiscovered

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Seneca Lake Photo, Finger Lakes, New York
Though I went to college in Upstate NY, it wasn't until a few years after I graduated that I discovered the Finger Lakes. As a college kid, I suppose I preferred grain to grapes and consumed a nauseating amount of beer. Fortunately, as I matured, my tastes did too, and in August of 2000, I found myself visiting an old roommate in Syracuse, nursing a slightly bruised (but not broken) heart. On the spur of the moment, after a day spent at the outlets, we found ourselves on the Cayuga Wine Trail. I was thinking that I'd leave with a bottle, maybe two, but in less than 2 hours, we'd hit four wineries and I had about 10 bottles to load into my car. I think it's hard to describe those moments: driving...Read More

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Revisiting the Undiscovered