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D.C. Memorials

A July 2005 trip to Washington, D.C. by Kate Chopin

Quote: Each morning, I run the National Mall and have a chance to see several of the most gorgeous memorials in our nation. What follows is my brief description of the memorials so that you can decide which ones are worth your time.

D.C. Memorials

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Each summer, dozens of tourists flock to the Mall to see the national memorials. Here are my recommendations on some of the best ways to see the memorials, but before I begin, BRING WATER with you. Note: 1) Only one memorial has a working water fountain, the new WWII Memorial, but other than that, there are dozens of water fountains that look ugly and fail to produce anything other than air when you repeatedly press on the buttons. 2) The closest metro is the Smithsonian (Washington Monument) or Foggy Bottom (Lincoln Memorial), but check out the new Circulator bus, as it may help you get closer to the memorials, particularly the Lincoln. In terms of walking the memorials, the e...Read More

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D.C. Memorials
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