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Climbing Ben Nevis

A July 2005 trip to Fort William by Lykke

Quote: During 2 weeks of vacation around Scotland, my boyfriend and I decided to climb the highest mountain (1344 m.) in all of Great Britain.

Ben Nevis Mountain

Attraction | "Highest Mountain in GB"

Climbing the mountain took us 4 hours up and 4 hours down. When we reached the top, it was extremely windy, cloudy, and raining, and we didn’t actually have the right outfit, but we succeeded anyway. There wasn't much scenery to look at from the top, so it would probably have been better to do it another day. During the climb, we saw lots of other people on our way, but it's not overcrowded.

It's a good idea to start in the morning, since you don't know how long it will take you to get up and down the mountain. Our legs and feet hurt a lot the next couple of days, so it's important to rest afterwards.

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Ben Nevis Mountain
Head of Loch Linnhe
Fort William & Lochaber, Scotland

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