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A January 2005 trip to Tikal by Philly_Girl

Tikal National Park Photo, Tikal, Guatemala More Photos
Quote: We took a wonderful 1-day trip to Tikal from mainland Belize. It was one of the most incredible tours we have ever taken, and it was interesting to see this great Mayan city.

Tikal National Park

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Tikal National Park Photo, Tikal, Guatemala
When the cab picked us up at our hotel in San Ignacio, we thought, uh oh, what kind of tour is this? The driver didn't speak any English, and we were transferred to the Guatemalan border (about 15 minutes away) in somewhat anxious silence. Once there, the guide told us to walk across and look for Nelson, our cab driver who would take us to meet our tour guide. We braved the throngs of people at the border (see the picture!) and made our way across to the very sweet Nelson, who also spoke very little English. He let us speak to our tour guide, Walter, on his cell phone, however, and Walter explained that Nelson would drive us about 1.5 hours to where we'd meet Walter and begin our tour of Tikal. ...Read More

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Tikal National Park
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