Venice Journals

The Venice Canals

A February 2005 trip to Venice by VickiFunes

A Venice canal Photo, Venice, California More Photos
Quote: Venice, California, has a unique and interesting history. The Venice Canals that still exist are but a few of what was once a much larger network. Seeing them is like a glimpse into a time capsule--and it's also a relaxing break from the hectic city scene.
A Venice canal Photo, Venice, California
Venice was developed in the early 20th century as a resort styled after Venice, Italy. The beach area was a major attraction even back then, of course, but the network of canals built at that time certainly ranks as one of the most interesting beginnings to a city that can be imagined. The canals once formed a large network, but most were filled in over the years. The remaining few canals, however, provide our imaginations with an idea of what their former grandeur might have resembled. The remaining canals are in a pleasant, well-kept residential area. They are lined with walking paths, so they're accessible to visitors, too. Locate them on your city map, but when you get there, it's best to pa...Read More