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Active Volcano Vents

A June 2005 trip to Dominica by calidris

Quote: Near the fishing village of Soufriere is one of the most exciting natural sites in the Caribbean. From the mineral baths and log cabin up to the steaming sulfur vents on this active volcano, the trail is full tropical experiences.

Sulphur Springs

Attraction | "Soufriere Mineral Springs"

This park was developed with local workers who carried the trail stone on their back up the hillside. The log cabin was assembled on-site near the old mineral springs used by locals for diverse health remedies. Up the trail, you pass by diverse tropical vegetation and catch glimpses of wildlife (if you're quiet). The active hot sulfur fumerales at the summit are real volcanic outlets, where you can feel the geothermal heat of the deep Earth lava blowing steam to the surface. Occasional lava seeps come out from the boiling mud holes, giving visitors a real sense of the power of Mother Earth. Watch your step, but enjoy this unique place!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on July 23, 2005

Sulphur Springs
St. Lucia, West Indies

The ancient mineral springs at the base of this volcano provide warm to hot water that is believed to relieve the symptoms of all human ailments. Relaxing in the warm water is certain to relieve the stresses of your trip. After a rain, the water gets very hot, but during the dry season, it tends to be just warm, but still highly mineralized. Take your binoculars for the birds and an empty bottle for some mineral water to go.