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Khagrachari - In the Wilderness

A May 2005 trip to Bangladesh by gazi shahid

Quote: So-called civilization has not touched Khagrachari elaborately yet. Simplicity, honesty, moral values, and first-born nature are still there in the hills and valleys. The struggles of the aborigines are teachable to every human being.

Khagrachari - In the Wilderness


The nature and people of Khagrachari are still natural. Fresh air and the beauty of the hills and springs will please everybody. Every traveller should visit the following places in Khagrachari: ALUTILA: There is a mysterious tunnel through the hill here. Everyone will be thrilled with crossing the tunnel. MANIKCHARI: It is the capital of MONG king. Visit the palace of the king. GUIMARA: There is forest and marsh here. Luckily, one can see wild deer, hogs, bears, and elephants here. SAJEK VALLEY: The picturesque Lusai Hill and Lusai people will please you in Sajek Valley. RAMGARH: It is the gateway of Khagrachari. The river Feni has separated it from India...Read More