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Singapore, My Homeland

A July 2005 trip to Singapore by Clovery

Esplanade Photo, Singapore, Asia More Photos
Quote: Greenery and clean air is the insignia of Singapore in the Southeast Asia region. A gregarious and international city readily receives anyone at any point of time.

Singapore, My Homeland

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Esplanade Photo, Singapore, Asia
For first-time visitors, you get everything - eclectic food of different cultures, innumerable tropical fruits, diverse languages/traditions, exuberant growth of foliage, and ubiquitous warm sunshine beams on you. On a second visit, you feel the familiarity of the entire city, and without any guidance, you could do great by yourself. Singapore, the size of a dot, almost falls on the Equator. Approximately 1-north longitude, it begets sweltering heat and a humid climate, where a muggy feeling always lingers with you throughout the whole year, and of course, in summer. However, as evening draws in, it can be really breezy and a tad more comfortable. Skyscrapers and hordes of shopping mal...Read More