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Korčula: Where Marco Polo’s Journeys Began

A February 2005 trip to Korcula by Owen Lipsett

Sunset Over Korčula Photo, Korcula, Croatia More Photos
Quote: Halfway between Dubrovnik and Split, the pleasant town of Korčula (on the island of the same name) is a good place to break the ferry journey between the two, or to stay longer if you’re seeking intense solitude. It also claims (with some justification) to be Marco Polo’s birthplace.

Korčula: Where Marco Polo’s Journeys Began

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Sunset Over Korčula Photo, Korcula, Croatia
Crowning the hump of land that guards the entrance to the Pelješac Peninsula, just two kilometers away on the Croatian mainland, Korčula is Dalmatia’s best preserved town. This may owe to its unique medieval town plan, which minimizes erosion by having side-streets curving from a single artery that connects its land and sea gates and is the most enduring testament to eight centuries of Venetian rule. Ironically, its preservation effaces the legacy of the Illyrians, Romans, and above all the Greeks – in whose mythology the island (known as "Korkyra Melaina" meaning "Black Corfu") figured prominently as both a way station for Jason and the Argonauts and the home of the enchantress Circe. This a...Read More

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