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A June 2005 trip to Juneau by smmmarti guide

Hikers at Mendenhall  Photo, Juneau, Alaska More Photos
Quote: Juneau, Alaska's capital, is accessible only by boat or plane and is home to Alaska's only drive-up glacier. It is haven for bald eagles and outdoorsmen, offering stellar hiking, fishing, climbing, and breathtaking scenery to those who endure its waterlogged skies.

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Hikers at Mendenhall  Photo, Juneau, Alaska
Q: Does it always rain in Juneau? A: No, sometimes it snows. After directing my own scientific meteorological study of the area during the past five summers, I feel qualified to confirm the above suggestion. Based on my own experience, my recommendations for visits to Alaska's capital include wearing a rain parka and bringing a hood for your camera lens. With a few preparations you are inclined to become one with the magnificent landscape around you. Go ahead; make like the wildflowers and drip with a little dew. Welcome to Juneau.Lilies soak ...Read More