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Palenque - Jungle and Ruins

A June 2005 trip to Palenque by coloradowanderer

Rakshitsas Photo, Palenque, Mexico More Photos
Quote: The small city of Palenque does not have much to offer, except use as a gateway to the ruins or waterfalls. Traditional restaurants have high tourist prices. There are typical tourist shops and many shoe stores.



Rakshitsa's Photo, Palenque, Mexico
Rakshita's is one of several options available from the family that runs El Panchan. Nestled in the jungle among tall trees and lush flowers, a winding stream trails around the cabanas and dormitory. All of the beds in the dorm were full when I arrived, so I was left with the Venus cabana for 120 pesos, around $11. Everything here has a hippie feel, including my colorfully painted cabana. The double bed was comfortable and outfitted with clean sheets. A nice porch with a jungle view is shared with the neighbors next door. The most interesting feature is the tiny bathroom and shower with walls that don't quite reach the palapa roof covering. I highly suggest staying in El Panchan to get a feel for ...Read More

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Cabana community
Palenque, Mexico

Primarily a hotel, the family-operated San Miguel offers clean rooms and basic accommodations. The dormitories have large bunk beds with huge, cushy mattresses. Needing a place to hide out from the rain, a travel companion and I decided to split a two-double-bed room with cable TV for 100 pesos each. A bed in the dorms costs 80 pesos. For less than $2 more each, it's a deal to split a room rather than stay in the dorm. As in many hotels in Mexico, they ask you to leave the key at the desk when you leave. They do chain and lock the door some point in the evening. If going out late, make sure to tell them when you will return. Upon checkout, the owner will ask you to wait while she checks your...Read More

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Hostal San Miguel
Hidalgo and Aldarria
Palenque, Mexico

Ruinas de Palenque (Palenque Archaeological Ruins) Photo, Palenque, Mexico
If you staying in town, go to Allende Street for a ride to the Ruinas in a collective van for 10 pesos. If you are in El Panchan, flag down a van on the main road for 5 pesos. All people entering the area of the ruins have to pay a 10-peso mandatory fee for beautification of the area. Wear good walking shoes and bring water. The museum is free and the exhibits are worth the time for a history of the area. Only a small fraction of the site has been excavated, but there are many temples and buildings with hundreds of steps to climb to reach the top, which you must do for the panoramic view. The most impressive feature of Palenque is the carvings in stone of Mayan gods. Retre...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on July 16, 2005

Ruinas de Palenque (Palenque Archaeological Ruins)
Palenque, Mexico