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Greenwich - 0'0' Longitude Outside London

An April 2003 trip to Greenwich by captain kait

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Quote: It may be a borough of London, but with its wide-open green spaces and location in the shadows of some of the UK's tallest buildings, Greenwich has its own surprises to offer.

Royal Observatory

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Royal Observatory Photo, Greenwich, England
Although the Royal Observatory is technically a part of the National Maritime Museum (which is down the hill), its location is crucial. You see, although the Observatory is home to some nice viewing apparatus, it is more importantly the home of GMT - Greenwich Mean Time - and the Prime Meridian of the world. You have to admit, it's a pretty great thrill for a travel junkie to be able to stand in both halves of the globe at once. There is a place outside the museum where you can do just that, with a place for each foot and a special photo opportunity. Plus, there's a thin green laser line that originates at the museum and marks out the division of the hemispheres. At night, you can see this line s...Read More

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Royal Observatory
Top Of The Hill, Greenwich Park
Greenwich, England

Getting to Greenwich

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Docklands Light Railway Photo, Greenwich, England
Many visitors to London don't realize how easy and cheap it is to get to Greenwich. Maybe some don't even know that Greenwich is so close to London. I'm here to tell you that if you’ve got yourself to London, you can get yourself to Greenwich and have a fabulous time doing it. I've always found that one of my favorite ways to see a city is by public transportation (not counting tourist buses and the like), and the trip out to Greenwich has to be my favorite proof of that. In fact, there are actually two special routes there, and I still can't decide which I like more. First of all, there's the new and very modern Docklands Light Railway. The fine print can be confusing, but the "DLR" ...Read More