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Lost in the Flowers at Butchart Gardens

An August 2005 trip to Victoria by cmp0129

Sunken Gardens Photo, Victoria, British Columbia More Photos
Quote: Take a spectacular walk through flower gardens and the scent of blooms in the air. There is water dancing 30 feet high. Large trees sway in the afternoon breeze. A night of ballet displays in an awesome fireworks show.

A Wonderful Experience

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Sunken Gardens Photo, Victoria, British Columbia
At the end of an hour bus ride, a parking lot full of flower displays and perfectly manicured trees welcomes you. Beautiful green lawns border a stone walkway that winds its way around a huge rock that seems to reach up into the sky, covered in ivy. Then a lake peps out as I make my down the path. There is so much to see. A water fountain dances 35 feet up into the air. As I keep walking I find myself standing under is the only tree of its kind in the Northwest, referred to a handkerchief, or dove leave, tree. Mrs. Butchart brought this tree over with her. I love to see this tree in bloom. I keep walking past another lake, past more flowers, and down to the rose garden. There are so many...Read More