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Best Sushi Bar in Orlando

A June 2005 trip to Orlando by dcha_u2

Quote: I had dinner at the Sushi House of Orlando with a friend. It was a great sushi meal with a lot of fresh fish and a great wine menu. It is a small and simple restaurant, but they serve the best sushi I have had in a long time.

Sushi House

Restaurant | "Sushi House of Orlando"

The Sushi House of Orlando recently won Best Sushi 2005, so we had to check them out. We are happily greeted and sat at the sushi bar. The people were really nice, and when the food came out, it looked beautiful. Everything was fresh, and the price was really good compared to more expensive places around town.

We had the Happy Sumo roll since it was their most popular roll. It is a combination of fish rolled up in rice, then fried tempura style. Any description here would do it justice. You have to try it yourself. I can see how they are voted Orlando's best. It's great sushi!!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on July 10, 2005

Sushi House
8204 Crystal Clear Lane, #1300
Orlando, Florida 32809
(407) 610-5921