Bahamas Journals

Cruising the Bahamas

A March 2003 trip to Bahamas by Thorax

Quote: What else is there to answer but YES when you are invited to cruise The Bahamas and the invitation comes from the Master and Commander himself.

Cruising the Bahamas


Arriving at the different destinations was a highlight on it own. A guided tour on a wave runner (Coco Cay) and one of Atlantis (Nassau) were great. It was nice watching the kids play all day long in the water, having the time of their life, the oldest one learning to swim.

Quick Tips:

A 3/4-day itinerary could end up being quite stressful, so the trick is to let yourself wind down. Don't participate in too many activities, and don't run around on to many guided tours. Just relax. You’re in the Caribbean, remember!

Best Way To Get Around:

Most of the trip was spent in a horizontal position. So transportation was rearly not an issue.