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A Small Corner of Africa

A June 2004 trip to Malawi by ThisOldHag

Masai warrior Photo, Malawi, Africa More Photos
Quote: A vast land with strange rituals and a fearless, optimistic people

A Small Corner of Africa


Masai warrior Photo, Malawi, Africa
Malawi is a naturalist’s paradise, and boasts as rich a variety of large mammals as most African Countries; including the big five - buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros. There are over 170 species of mammals and some 649 recorded species of bird. As with everywhere, human population pressures have meant that most the big game species are now restricted to game reserves and national parks. Although these reserves are not as famous as some found in other East African countries, they offer comparable and excellent game viewing.Quick Tips: To get the most out of a game viewing expedition you will need to take into account the climate. The best times of the year for game viewing ...Read More

Malawi, a Small Corner of Africa

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Malawi Beach Photo, Malawi, Africa
Driving my Land Cruiser from Lilongwe, heading towards Monkey Bay, which is at the foot of Lake Malawi, I became aware of passing more people on a more frequent basis the higher I got in the Dedza mountains. Curiosity got the better of me and I stopped at a roadside caravan for lunch and quizzed the Madala (term of respect when addressing a wise, old African father). On the menu that day was Mopani worms with Matabele (thick, brown porridge) or barbequed mice on sticks with Matabele. My young son, Ashley, was traveling with me on this occasion. He ordered a plate of Mopani worms and tucked in with relish. Having savored traditional food before, he knew the best accompaniment with Mopani worms w...Read More

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