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Boston to Bermuda

A May 2005 trip to Bermuda by MaggieG

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Quote: Our round-trip Boston/Bermuda cruise included 4 days moored in downtown St. George, where we used the ship like a hotel. We had time to explore Bermuda at a relaxed pace. We used the bus and water taxi system with a couple of expensive taxi rides.

Tom Moore's Tavern


We used the voucher from the ship for $50 per person, which covered a delicious meal. The wines were extra and brought the total to more than the voucher, as we expected.

We had to choose from five to six appetizers and four to five main courses, plus salads and desserts. The appetizers were so appealing that I chose two of those, making one my main dish. The menu was continental with a Caribbean flair. Each dish we had was perfectly cooked, with prime quality.

Of all the wonderful dishes, our favorite was the mussels. We each ordered them as an appetizer and found them very tasty and uniquely flavored (I think with a bit of coconut milk). It was rich and wonderful.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on June 30, 2005

Tom Moore's Tavern
Walsingham Lane

Swizzle Inn


Swizzle Inn Photo, Bermuda, North America
The Swizzle Inn ("where you swizzle in and swagger out," though if you have too many pitchers of rum swizzles, you will probably stagger out) is a pub with an upstairs nonsmoking balcony, as well as a downstairs patio and pub. The casual atmosphere with decent pub grub was inviting. We stopped into the Swizzle Inn for a break, drink, and snack. It is right where we needed to switch buses. We enjoyed it so much that we went back for lunch the next day. We enjoyed the hamburgers and pulled-pork sandwich. However, I didn't care much for their fried calamari or fries. Rum Swizzles seem to be their featured drink, but I liked the Dark and Stormy better. It's not so sweet. (It’s mad...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on June 30, 2005

Swizzle Inn
3 Blue Hole Hill
Baileys Bay, Bermuda
(441) 293-1854

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Tobacco Bay Photo, Bermuda, North America
We arrived in Bermuda on Tuesday morning. Our ship was berthed right in downtown St. George – and we bought a 3-day bus/water taxi pass ($23 each) to get around. The bus system is excellent and runs frequently. Pink poles indicate bus stops for buses going toward Hamilton, and blue poles are "outbound," or away from Hamilton. All of the drivers we encountered were very helpful in directing us to whichever number bus we needed and where to get it or transfer. (We had decided that mopeds were not the way for us to go, even before the ship announced that they advised against them due to so many accidents!) I didn’t realize how hilly Bermuda is! Even though the island is only 26 miles long, it takes ...Read More