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North Jersey for Two--Poor Service Included

A June 2005 trip to Mountain Lakes by Craig Randall

Quote: Dinner at the South City Grill was our second choice, touted to us by locals as a "great place" with "a variety of good dishes." I couldn’t shake the feeling that the staff knew this was our second choice, though, as we were treated with second-choice service.

South City Grill


We were greeted and then "put on hold" by a hostess who found the incoming phone call more important that the two real people standing in front of her who had engaged her in conversation first. I had no qualms over this, after fibbing about an online reservation that I hadn’t made just to get a table. An inauspicious beginning to a decent meal with poor service... A table we did get. And that in less than a minute after the fib had been fibbed. SCG began with warm, crusty bread, which gets you extra points automatically in my book. We ordered the coconut shrimp appetizer with mango horseradish sauce. We were both impressed, and the taste was spot-on. I ordered the field greens with a crea...Read More

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on June 23, 2005

South City Grill
60 Route 46 East
Mountain Lakes, New Jersey
(973) 335-8585

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