Mendocino Journals

Northern California

A June 2005 trip to Mendocino by travelforqueens

Quote: Three lovely days in a romantic town tucked into the California coast. Delicious food, homey inns, and long walks along the beach.

Northern California


We stayed at Dennen's Victorian Farmhouse, which was a total retreat into luxurious relaxation. We took early morning walks through the orchards and redwood trees and enjoyed the beaches in the afternoon. My fiancee loves birdwatching, so we spent a whole day doing that, then dined out at the renowned Cafe Beaujolais.

Quick Tips:

If you are interested in going whale-watching, make sure you know the season. And bring Dramamine, because it can get rocky out there!

Best Way To Get Around:

You definitely need a car to get here, and it's nice to have if you want to make day excursions. However, if you stay in the town, so much is in walking distance that you can rely on your two legs!
This park is acres of beautiful forest, beautiful foliage, and flowers. Our favorite part of the park was the Devil's Punch Bowl, which is a large sea cave that collapsed. You can peer into its depths and see the flurry of churning water. What a delight!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on June 23, 2005

Russian Gulch State Park
Two miles north of Mendocino on Highway 1
Mendocino, California