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Ancient Roman Nimes

A November 2002 trip to Nimes by annie-m

Pont du Gard Photo, Vers-Pont-du-Gard, Languedoc Roussillon More Photos
Quote: Inspired by Irene Caro's "The Road from the Past," I travelled to the South of France to see ancient Rome. I found the Pont du Gard, the arena in Nimes, and the theater in Orange and still cannot get over the engineering.

Ancient Roman Nimes

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In Nîmes, the Roman structures are impressive, not as ruins, but because they are still in use. Not only did these guys conquer the world, the stuff they built two thousand years ago still stands as public buildings. Everywhere you turn in Nîmes, the ancient has a modern use.The Nîmes amphitheater is significantly smaller than the Coliseum in Rome, but is still used for bullfights in the summer and, in winter, a fabric dome roof creates a closed space. On the day I visited, the amphitheater was hosting the International Festival of Blue Jeans and open to the public. The interior was the usual trade convention, but in a marble and limestone building built in the first century. The Maiso...Read More
I was off-season and completely unexpected, but the owner welcomed me anyway. I got a huge room -- a triple -- but was charged about 40 euro a night (maybe less) and did get a continental breakfast.  The owner (and the Michelin Green Guide) said that in the summer the house is full, and they have dinner in the garden. She wasn't prepared to offer me dinner, which was fine with me.

The rooms are clean and spacious, the beds not all that great. For someone used to trying to find anything in Paris under 100 euros, this was decadent.

The village was not that friendly, but I am easily intimidated by French villages. I feel like I have to know what I am doing, and I clearly don't.

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Chambre d'hote La Mazade
30730 St-Mamert-du-Gard
Nimes, France
04 66 81 1756

Pont du Gard

Attraction | "Pont du Gard - Day Trip from Nîmes"

Pont du Gard Photo, Vers-Pont-du-Gard, Languedoc Roussillon
When I visited in 2002, recent floods had washed out other local bridges and closed the left-bank parking. This ancient structure was not even threatened.

Its size, its age, and its beauty make this Roman monument mind-blowing. On the Pont and on the bank above it, I was awestruck by the engineering of the aqueduct and this bridge especially.

I sat and enjoyed the autumn view and considered the Roman empire: the emperors, the architects, the overseers, and the slaves from Gaul or Egypt or even farther away.

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Pont du Gard
Crossing the Gardon River
Near Remoulins, France

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