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Moorish Charms

A June 2005 trip to Cordoba by fizzytom

Quote: We spent 2 days in Cordoba, a hot and fiery Spanish city that combines a historic past with modern vibrancy. Find out where to eat, what to see, where to stay, and how to stay cool!

Moorish Charms


We enjoyed the Mezquita, the Moorish mosque, later the cathedral of Cordoba, and the Alcazar and its beautiful ornamental gardens. Cool off in a fountain - they're all over the city and often provide relief for weary feet! We liked strolling the narrow lanes of the Juderia, the old Jewish quarter, stopping off here and there to enjoy a sherry and some tapas. Quick Tips: Several of Cordoba's big attractions offer free entry on a Friday. We saved the entrance charges of three such places in one day. Cordoba gets fiercely hot in summer. Try to visit the attractions early or later in the day, and do make sure you're not too far from a cool and shady place as the hottest part of the ...Read More
Housed in a beautiful house hidden away on the edge of the old town, this "hostal" is ideally located for the city's main attractions (only minutes from the Alcazar and the Mezquita), yet in a quiet and secluded location and for a bargain price (30 euros double, 15 euros single). You enter through a big grand door and are straight into the lovely patio, full of plants. The rooms are on the next floor, and while they are not larger, they are comfortable and very clean, with ensuite bathrooms. Unfortunately, the furniture in our room was arranged such that our pillows were against the wall where next door's bathroom was, and we were rudely awakened in the morning or during siesta, when they went to...Read More

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