Farmington Journals

Laurel Caverns, An Underground Playground

An August 2004 trip to Farmington by Suzanne715

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Quote: Put on your old clothes. Shimmy down sliding boards made of sand. Climb on gigantic boulder jungle gyms. Crawl through rock tunnels. A fun and adventurous day of spelunking awaits.
Travel Photo by IgoUgo member
Tucked away in the Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania lies the 435-acre Laurel Caverns Geological Park, the largest cave in the state. There are three cave options; family tour, wild caving expeditions, and repelling. My husband and I sign up for the 3-hour guided cave expedition. Jason, our guide, explains the rules and checks to see that each person has at least two working flashlights. After signing release forms, everyone is issued hard hats.Single file, the group moves down a passage lit with glowing chandeliers. The air begins to feel cooler and the space around us grows darker and smaller. At the end of the stone corridor, we slide one at a time between two flat, horizontal rock...Read More