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Our Stay at Sinla Haveli Guesthouse

An April 2005 trip to Jodhpur by mcnosky

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Quote: Staying at Sinla Haveli was cool. I like that place, and my friends also like the people. The family that ran the guesthouse was too generous.

Our Stay at Sinla Haveli Guesthouse

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clock tower Photo, Jodhpur, India
We stayed at Sinla Haveli, about 1km from the Jodhpur railway station, in a colony called Ghoron Ka Chowk. It is a 80-year-old noble mansion-turned-guesthouse once owned by the Rana of the village Sinla. It is beautifully restored, with an authentic ambience. Folk musicians play typical Rajasthani music, and birds chirp through the day. The rooms are a delightful fusion of old-world charm and modern amenities. It has a magical atmosphere. We made that place our base and travelled to Jaisalmer, Pokhran, Osiyan, Ajmer, and Pushkar. Our experiences were richly varied: the starkness of desert sand dunes in Jaisalmer; the grandeur of the 600-year-old forts of Jaisalmer, Pokhran, including the mos...Read More
This was a lovely place to stay. It's a small guesthouse run in the family home of a Rajput family who still live in it. It's decorated like an old nobleman’s house called a haveli - our room had pictures and mirrors and felt like a guestroom in someone's house, not a hotel. For a little extra, the family will cook your dinner, and I strongly recommend you take them up on it at least one evening. The house has a rooftop terrace, and it's a wonderful place to eat the excellent food, as you can see right over the town. They have all the facilities we have in our home. It’s good.

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Sinla Haveli Guesthouse
Ghoron Ka Chowk, inside Sojati Gate
Jodphur, India

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