Oahu Journals

Oahu - A Small Island with a Big Hawaiian Punch!

A September 2005 trip to Oahu by Patti Albrandt

Quote: Oahu has a plethora of places and experiences to gain. Revere Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, the Pali overlook, the Polynesian Culture Center, and water sports, or just bathe in the sun’s glorious rays. The largest Hawaii flea market has bargains galore, especially macadamia nuts!

Oahu - A Small Island with a Big Hawaiian Punch!


A rental car is a must to see the entire island. Pearl Harbor was the most memorable. History comes alive as you stand over the wreckage from December 7, 1941. It humbles a person to envision the destruction of Pearl Harbor. Make sure to check out the small museum and gift shop. An awesome view of Pali overlook is breathtaking! The wind is very strong and tends to be a bit cooler. The Polynesian Culture center is a treat to spend the day learning the different cultures within the Hawaiian Islands and their neighbors. I was very impressed with the cultural experience from natives. I enjoyed all the entertainment from tree climbing to hula dancers. For those who would like a bit of a hi...Read More