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Mexico: Cha Cha Cha!

A December 2004 trip to Cabo San Lucas by sallyjeanne

Pueblo Bonito Rose Photo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico More Photos
Quote: What a fabulous destination, where the desert meets the ocean. You can't ask for anything better!

Pueblo Bonito Rose

Hotel | "Pueblo Bonito Rose"

Pueblo Bonito Rose Photo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Best Things Nearby:Great food, local vendors, and walks on the beach are fabulous.Best Things About the Resort:Three restaurants, very nice welcome party with free margaritas and chips/salsa, and we were there for a fabulous New Years Eve celebration with dancing and amazing food. Nothing about this place could disappoint. They even have two happy hours a day!Resort Experience:I love this resort and would definitely go back in a heartbeat if I could. The rooms were nice, with balconies. We made our own food some days after shopping for local delicacies. It was worth it! Fresh salsa and handmade sausages... The weather wasn't great for us--to...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on June 1, 2005

Pueblo Bonito Rose
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 23410