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Weekend Getaway in Scotland

A February 2005 trip to Edinburgh by MeganPrunella

Eileen Donan Castle Photo, Edinburgh, Scotland More Photos
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Weekend Getaway in Scotland


Eileen Donan Castle Photo, Edinburgh, Scotland
If you are in Edinburgh for a few days and have extra time and if you are in the age group of 16 to 30, take a Hagis tour. My friends and I did a 3-day tour of the Highlands, and it was the best experience. We saw many great beautiful sights and were guided by an fun expert. Not only was this trip fun, but we learned a lot. Places we visited included Loch Ness, Glenn Coe, and the Isle of Skye.

Quick Tips:

Look for tours that head into the Highlands. The Highlands are truly what is beautiful about Scotland. Many tours depart Edinburgh on a regular basis.

Best Way To Get Around:

I took a private tour that supplied us with a bus and driver/guide.
They had big rooms. It is a typical true hostel. There are many backpackers living there for months on end. It has a hippy feel to it. It’s kinda smelly and not too clean. We weren't positive that our sheets were clean, and most of us opted not to shower there.

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Royal Mile Backpackers
105 High Street
Edinburgh, Scotland

Three Sisters

Attraction | "The Three Sisters"

It was a lot of fun. Even on a Sunday night it was packed. There is a little dancing but not a ton, but they do play good music. The music is typical pop music ranging from ‘80s Madonna to up-to-date R&B. I was with a group of girls, and we noticed that there were a lot of guys. It was a very fun night. I would recommend this place!

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Three Sisters
139 Cowgate
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1JS
+44 131 622 6801

Haggis Backpackers

Attraction | "Haggis"

Haggis Backpackers Photo, Edinburgh, Scotland
It is a fun tour geared towards the 18-to-30 age group. The tour goes at the pace of those on the tour in the bus. A lot of things can be replaced or taken out depending upon what the group wants to do. It is a great way to meet new people or get very close to people you already know. It is a lot of fun, but you also learn a lot about Scottish culture and history, yet you are NEVER bored. They also put you up in nice, affordable accommodations.

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Haggis Backpackers
11 Blackfriars Street
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1NB
+44 131 557 9393

National Museum of Scotland

Attraction | "Museum of Scotland"

It a typical art museum featuring Scottish artwork. It had some beautiful paintings, but art is not usually my cup of tea. However, it is free, so if you are looking for something to do to pass time, I would highly recommend it.

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National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1JF
0300 123 6789