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Portland for Pee-Wees

An August 2004 trip to Portland by Kathi A E

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Quote: Our 5-year-old loves to visit with grandma and grandpa in Portland. These are his very favorite activities and places to visit.

Portland for Pee-Wees


Portland is the hidden gem of the Northwest. Everyone knows about the great outdoor activities: skiing, hiking, boating, beaches and fantastic parks. But if you are visiting with kids, there are a few places you must visit. CM2 - The Children's Museum The Oregon Zoo O.M.S.I. The AC Gilbert Discovery Village - in Salem Many of our most memorable kid moments of discovery have been at O.M.S.I. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has interactive exhibits and plenty of activities for younger as well as older kids. My son first practiced walking pushing one of the Busy Town grocery carts. I always take a book since we can spend hours there and sinc...Read More

Oregon Zoo

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Oregon Zoo Photo, Portland, Oregon
The Oregon Zoo has gone through many a transformation over the years. It began its incarnation as the Portland Zoo, then morphed into the Washington Park Zoo and - by far the best transformation - the Oregon Zoo. With each transformation, major changes have occurred, with the exhibits going from the old-fashioned cement and bars to the fantastic habitats of today. The Oregon Zoo shows off the best the Northwest has to offer by specializing in native species, as well as other animals shown by continent. If you only have time for one set of exhibits, don't miss the Great Northwest and the Pacific Shores. The native northwest animals are a sight to behold and are frequently quite active, as this is t...Read More

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