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Relaxing Week in Gran Canaria

An April 2005 trip to Gran Canaria by PetraMaria

Quote: This was a very relaxing holiday spent mostly on the beach.

Bahia Blanca

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Best Things Nearby:The location was great and within easy walking distance to Amadores Beach. Amadores Becah was great, with white sand and plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from. Puerto Rico was livelier, with more restaurants and a big shopping centre. However, if you are looking for younger people and more party, you are better of in Playa de Ingles. The bus ride takes about half an hour. We went on a day trip to Puerto Mogan. It was a very charming village that was well worth a visit. There were nice restaurants by the marina, a sandy beach, and pretty houses. We went on a day excursion by boat. Tickets were available in the marina of Puerto Rico. It costs about 35€ and includes ...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on May 31, 2005

Bahia Blanca
Avenida de la Cornisa
Gran Canaria, Spain