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One (boring) night in Geneva

An October 2005 trip to Geneva by annie-m

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Quote: A day and a night in Geneva tacked onto a French trip to language school

One (boring) night in Geneva


I got into town late Saturday afternoon, found a hotel room, wandered the old town, had Italian food, walked the waterfront, and saw the wall of Reformation heroes. It is no surprise to me that this city is best-known for conventions on decent behavior (broadly speaking). Wandering the city center after dark on a weekend, I found little to do and few people out. It was disturbingly clean.Quick Tips: Twice I have had memorable Italian food in Switzerland. I don't remember the name of the place in the old town where I ate, but had an excellent pasta with chanterelles.Best Way To Get Around: The old town, the waterfront, and the city parks are all very walking-friendly. I didn't ride...Read More
I got to the train station in Geneva late Saturday afternoon, without a reservation or any idea what was available. The tourist office was closed. Fortunately, the kiosk of hotels with a phone was working, and I called one that appeared to be walking distance from the station.

The room was fine, the rate was fair. The neighborhood was only a little seedy and an easy walk to the lake and the old town. Considering the foolishness of this whole day, I did fine for lodgings.

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Parc des Bastions


Parc des Bastions Photo, Geneva, Switzerland
I found this a beautiful fall walk with great color and views of the Alps. The reformation wall was okay; I didn't know who they all were. My favorite thing was the oversize chess pieces. On Saturday night, I wondered about the wisdom of visiting a city park, so I didn't stay long, but on Sunday morning, I wandered around, enjoying the beauty.

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Parc des Bastions
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Calvin Auditory


Calvin Auditory Photo, Geneva, Switzerland
Walking around the old town on Saturday night, I found the Calvin Auditory and saw that there were services in English for the Church of Scotland. Sunday, I went to church in the Knox Chapel of the Calvin Auditory, which was a small history thrill for a life-long Presbyterian.

The congregation was primarily expatriots. The service was milk-toast and just added to my sense that the Swiss have no color.