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A December 2005 trip to Midland by Hoichi the Earless

Quote: Midland is a city in Texas with a population nearing the 100,000 mark. Named among the 150 best U.S. cities to live for the past 12 years, its warm climate, friendly people, and central location are the primary reasons for the city’s popularity.



Oscar's Super Burrito

Though only having been open for roughly 3 years, Oscar's Super Burrito is quickly becoming a Midland staple that has to be experienced with any visit to Midland. Serving authentic, exceeding tasteful (not to mention huge) burritos and other Mexican specialties, Oscar's stands out among other Mexican venues in Midland with its genuine down-to-earth but exquisite offerings. Locals sometimes refer to it as The Freebirds World Burrito of Midland.

Address/Phone: 4306 Neely Ave. and 432/699-0242

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