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Sabang - Visit Before It Changes Forever

A January 2005 trip to Palawan by HiramAbif

Mangrove River and Forrest Photo, Palawan, Philippines More Photos
Quote: Sabang is a beautiful coastal village on the western Palawan, which easily could be part of a dream--the sort of exotic island dream with magic rivers and beaches, fantastic and still unspoilt flora and fauna, friendly locals, superb food, and the most relaxing atmosphere imaginable.

Sabang - Visit Before It Changes Forever

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Mangrove River and Forrest Photo, Palawan, Philippines
Sabang is mostly known for the so-far longest underwater river in the world (see my other journal: "The Unique colour of the Underwater River in Sabang"). Less known is the mangrove forest and river (Puyoy-Puyoy River), with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna (it is almost guaranteed you will see monitor lizards, colourful kingfishers, and a variety of other birds, and with a bit of luck, the purple/yellow poisonous mangrove snake). Finally, the natural beauty and atmosphere of the place itself. Sabang is the sort of place one would like to spend at least 2 or 3 days (one for the Underwater River, one for the mangrove forest and river, and one to explore Sabang, see the village, and rela...Read More
Mary's Beach Resort Photo, Palawan, Philippines
Most guidebooks recommend Mary's Beach Resort, and not without good reason. Nippa Huts are truly inexpensive (around 5.80 euros per hut, per night during January 2005), have a rather good restaurant, a beach for exclusive use, and very good food and a very relaxing atmosphere.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on May 23, 2005

Mary's Beach Resort
Palawan, Philippines