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Oxford: To Be or Not To Be

A March 2004 trip to Oxford by Glamazon22

Courtyard Walkway Photo, Oxford, England More Photos
Quote: Oxford is a small town, but there's much to see. I went here on a day trip with my roommate. My goal was to see Blenheim Palace, where Kenneth Branagh's version of Hamlet was filmed. Walking through Oxford made me for some reason feel smarter. Maybe all that education was getting to me.

Oxford: To Be or Not To Be


Courtyard Walkway Photo, Oxford, England
"To be, or not to be: that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind..." The most memorable moment was going to Blenheim Palace. Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet was filmed here, and it just so happens to be one of my favorite movies. Quick Tips: Don't bother with tours or museums; Oxford is much better served by just plain old walking around. Pick a site and follow the signs. However, go early. A mistake my roommate and I made was going in the afternoon. Being that this is England, it is not blessed with very many sunny days, and I found myself trying to get to the train station in an unfamiliar city in the late evening, which was not very fun. Best Way To Get Around: ...Read More

Blenheim Palace


Blenheim Palace Photo, Oxford, England
Absolutely Fabulous! Seriously, while this may seem like a museum, this is a house for the Duke of Marlborough! Meaning that someone actually lives here!! I was unable to tour the house inside, but my mother, 15 years prior to my visit, was able to get a peak and said that it was AMAZING. The palace exhibits a mass amount of history. While I was there, I was able to tour the grounds, and for some unknown reason, there were people dress in period costumes and an all-black carriage with black horses. I am unsure if this is a regular occurrence or there was a special event, but it was cool to feel like I stepped right into a time warp. Cost per person: Adult - £13 S...Read More

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Blenheim Palace
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