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Relaxing Delta Mar

An August 2005 trip to Malaga by tonypembe

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Quote: The accommodation has been updated since the time of the pictures on the website. We found that the two-bed apartment was in pristine condition. If I had to gripe, then it would be about the main costal road that runs in front of the complex and the constant noise from it.

Relaxing Delta Mar


Relaxing by the pool was the highlight.

Quick Tips:

You’re out in the sticks a little, so it would be a good idea to get a car hire from Centauto at the Malaga airport, which costs £80 for the week. Book before you go on their website.

Best Way To Get Around:

A car is the best way.
Club Delta Mar Photo, Malaga, Spain
It was clean, with no maintenance required. It's big enough for four people, not six as advertised, but if you are taking children, then you'd fit in with two adults and four kids.

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