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The Magic Islands of Bacuit Archipelago

A February 2005 trip to Palawan by HiramAbif

Simizu Beach  Photo, Palawan, Philippines More Photos
Quote: The scenery and the natural beauty of the still unspoilt Bacuit archipelago has to be seen to be fully appreciated, and the islands cater to both the eccentric millionaire who wants to escape from stress of his business and the laid-back backpacker with the strictest of budgets.

The Magic Islands of Bacuit Archipelago


Simizu Beach  Photo, Palawan, Philippines
Popular tours include visits to Miniloc Island, with the famous small and big lagoons (see experience entry); Entalula Island; Simisu Island; Snake Island, Cudugman Cave; and Matinloc Island, with the amazing secret beach and a few others, including Malapacao Island, with the alternative New-Age resort of English Lady Lee Ann (see my other journal about El Nido, or visit Tips: Make sure you have snorkelling equipment with you, and if you don't, the tour organiser will rent to you for a small surcharge. Do not forget to take your digital camera, and if you have a waterproof case of the sort yachtsmen and divers use, you may take some spectacular photos. If ...Read More

The Small and Big Blue Lagoons

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The Small and Big Blue Lagoons Photo, Palawan, Philippines
Many readers may have seen the film "Blue Lagoon." Those who will visit the two lagoons at Miniloc Island will think that the film’s directors would have gotten far better colours, shots, and scenery if they had tried the two lagoons at Miniloc. The small lagoon is definitely the more spectacular of the two. The boat will stop about 200 yards from the lagoon, as the water is very shallow, and you have to swim and snorkel the rest. Needless to say, the underwater scenery is as spectacular as the one above the water. Then, suddenly, you are surrounded by vertical rocks with amazing vegetation on them, while the water (almost like transparent glass) takes on this turquoise-green colour and r...Read More

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The Small and Big Blue Lagoons
Miniloc Island, Bacuit Archipelago
Palawan, Philippines