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A January 2004 trip to Dorado by JH33194

Quote: A family trip to cherish and remember always

El Yunque National Forest

Attraction | "El Yunque Rain Forest"

This US national rain forest is a sight to see. The high peaks and winding trails are a thrill to see and traverse.

The trail is tough and a long walk. There are seats set up to rest on and castle-like lookouts at key sightseeing points. The views are breathtaking.

When the clouds roll in, it is also something to see. The mountains peaks get shrouded and almost disappear.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on May 14, 2005

El Yunque National Forest
Road 191, Off Highway 3 To Luquillo Beach
Palmer, Puerto Rico 00721
(787) 888-1880

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