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A June 2004 trip to Eritrea by nomadnancy

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Quote: As a recent resident of Eritrea for a year, and now a visitor, I simply love this beautiful little forgotten country, but there are some drawbacks as a visitor...

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I love this little country with its amazingly kind and beautiful people, but as with most wonderful places, there are some drawbacks. First, there is a persistent threat of a war reigniting with their neighbor and one-time ruler Ethiopia. This explains the constant presence of UN peacekeeper troops in many cities throughout Eritrea. Additionally, Eritrea has stepped up their once-relaxed protocols for travel within the country. Visitors who could once take a bus wherever they wished within the country now have to apply for a travel permit once they arrive in country and wait 24 to 48 hours to get the permit. This permit is required at the newly installed checkpoints set up around the count...Read More

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