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Taking a BATH

A January 2004 trip to Bath by Glamazon22

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Quote: I feel compelled to break out the soap every time I think of this town. You can't help, but you want to get squeaky clean! Jane Austen spent some time here, and Bath is the backdrop of some of her most loved and well-known novels.

Taking a BATH


Bath Photo, Bath, England
The Bath in Bath was the most memorable thing I did. To see this ancient Roman bathhouse in England was absolutely awesome! Get one of the audio tours; that way, you get a full and comprehensible history of the bathhouse. Shopping in Bath was also excellent. Bath has some of the same shopping London has to offer without the huge crowds and lines! This was also Jane Austen's hang out from 1801 to 1806. The Pump Room and Royal Crescent are depicted in her novels during her stay in Bath. You can visit a museum dedicated to her located on Gay Street. Another interesting fact about Bath is that most of it was destroyed in WWII, by the German Lufewatte intentions on bombing historic buildings a...Read More

The Roman Baths


The Roman Baths Photo, Bath, England
Walking through the ancient Roman baths was the most fun thing I had ever done. There's so much history wrapped up tightly in the size of an outdoor pool! Plus, the rest of city looks like it is lost in the 19th century! You get to take a step back in time with modern amenities and shopping. Aside from the obviously huge tub, there are ancient Roman coffins, tomb stones, their version of a swimming pool. It absolutely amazing to see to this old version of a health club. This is Bally's circa 50 B.C.! The outside temperature was a cool 50 degrees and rain, however inside the bath it felt a good 60-65 depending on which room you were in. Use the earphone tour guide they option t...Read More

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The Roman Baths
Abbey Church Yard
Bath, England BA1 1LZ
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Bath Abbey and Heritage Vaults Museum

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Attraction | "Bath Abbey"

Bath Abbey and Heritage Vaults Museum Photo, Bath, England
Bath Abbey reminded me of a church here in Pittsburgh, St. Benedict the Moor, on the inside. However, Bath Abbey was much better and much older. Three churches have occupied the site where Bath Abbey now stands dating all the way back to Anglo-Saxon times. The main entrance faces the courtyard, where the Bath House entrance is located, but I suggest to go the Heritage Vaults entrance first. A 3 pound contribution is politely asked to view this one room dedication to the preservation of church history. Scriptures from Norman and medieval times are on display and a wax figure of a Benedictine Monk in prayer is also on display. You can enter the main church from the Heritage Vaults....Read More

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Bath Abbey and Heritage Vaults Museum
12 Kingston Buildings
Bath, England BA1 1LT
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Royal Crescent Museum

Attraction | "Number One Royal Crescent"

Royal Crescent Museum Photo, Bath, England
What's it like? Huge! Even on a drab day, the Royal Crescent is a commanding force. Designed by the son of the architect of the Bath Circus and on Brock Street leading from it, the Royal Crescent is comprised of thirty houses. Built like a half-Colosseum, this structure uses a gigantic order of engaged Ionic columns on high bases. The green space was designed for the upper classes to sit on the lawn and engage in recreation. There is a slight "shelf" in middle of the green space. This "shelf" was designed to keep cattle and sheep from invading the grass designed for the people. This sight isn't something big, but it's interesting and worth a walk through if on your way to the Ass...Read More

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Royal Crescent Museum
1 Royal Crescent
Bath, England BA1 2LS
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