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A September 2007 trip to San Francisco by W.Anderman

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Quote: Explore the many scenic pearls of the city, the coast, fabulous Marin County, wine country, and other adventures just a hike, drive, or cruise away!

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Hotel | "Park Hyatt : Sleek Unique Boutique"

Le Meridien San Francisco Photo, San Francisco, California
Excellence, elegance, and style were the three main ingredients of our impression of the Park Hyatt. The Park Hyatt is the gateway to a shopping, restaurant, and business complex anchoring the western end of theEmbarcadero Center at the intersection of Clay and Battery Streets. It’s connected by walking bridges above the streets to the four skyscrapers of the EC, which march to the water’s edge and stand sentinel over San Francisco Bay. Park Hyatts are designed to cater the executive traveler during the week, so weekend rates are ...Read More

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Point Reyes Station Pit Stop Photo, San Francisco, California
When the weather in the Pacific Northwest turns nice during the short interludes between winter and spring rains, day trips are the perfect cure for the season’s cabin fever. It reminds us of a stock market that can plummet for weeks and have a spectacular up-day, sucking investor mentality into false hopes of better days ahead. Sucker or better day than today to invest in a fast road trip. Such is the mind frame you must have this time of year in the Bay Area. There are few things as relaxing as a drive north from San Francisco on the Pacific Coast Highway, Route 1. It is a spectacular way to see the coast and experience West Marin; especially with weather ...Read More
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Exploring lush Marin County, just north across the Golden Gate Bridge, is one of the quintessential experiences of any trip to San Francisco. Driving the first few miles into Marin on a sunny day with a camera is an aesthetically divine activity in itself. What you first notice is the multitude of outstanding views of the peninsula that forms the North Bay. You make your way out of the city north on Highway 101—a ribbon of road threading from the bridge at the southern tip of the peninsula to the north, approximately 30 miles to the Sonoma county line. Drive across the Golden Gate while the steep cliffs and high hills of the Marin Headland...Read More
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We toil all year, meeting deadlines, achieving business goals, and generally heaping an undo amount of stress on ourselves, just for a bit of free time. Unfortunately, when we finally earn our much-needed respite, we find today’s concept of a vacation something that has been canned, labeled, or wrapped in cookie-cutter ways for purchase. Buy a cruise and you know what to expect for the amount you pay. Go to New York, LA, San Francisco, or any major city for that matter and you know which shows and what restaurants are definitely "not to be missed." There is always Las Vegas, where you can experience the above—Paris included—in a 3-block walk, all for on...Read More