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St. Andrews

An April 2005 trip to St. Andrews by ivybell2003

Quote: My trip to the town that I will call home for four years while I go to the University there

St. Andrews

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Walking out to the castle ruins on our first day there and seeing the ocean for the first time was the highlight. Then it was walking all over the beaches, the pier, and exploring all the neat little shops in the town. I enjoyed finding out just how small a place it really is and getting a sense of what it will be like to live and study there this coming year. I was in England in 2003, and it felt like coming home to see stores like Marks and Spencers, W.H. Smith, Monsoon, and others. I realized that, although I love where I was born and live, Europe still feels more like home than anywhere else. Walking through the town, I found that I loved the feeling that you knew this is 2005, but if yo...Read More