Death Valley Journals

Death Valley Adventures

An October 2004 trip to Death Valley by Tre. W.

Quote: The beauty of Death Valley and the hot springs of Saline Valley

Death Valley Adventures


We spent 5 days locked in four-wheel drive on dirt roads. Our adventure in Death Valley started in the Saline Valley. We came in through the northern pass and went through the valley to spend time at the many well-maintained and free hot springs. Then we found a goat trail (4x4 with lots of ground clearance is a must) that takes you from the floor of the Saline Valley to a area very close to the race track of Death Valley. Quick Tips: Spend some time at the race track, but go when the water is dry so you can walk out on it. Go to Dead Water if you can, and use the salt as a wonderful scrub (this is better than an expensive spa). Bring a bike or a motorcycle to do some off-road ...Read More