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Driving across Western-Northwestern Greece

An April 2005 trip to Greece by HiramAbif

The very northwestern coastline Photo, Greece, Europe More Photos
Quote: The western Greek mainland road axis linking the Northwestern port of Igoumenitsa with the Bridge of Rio-Antirrio and the port of Patras is a driving journey of 4 hours but can easily be converted to a week(or two)-long holiday.

Driving across Western-Northwestern Greece


The very northwestern coastline Photo, Greece, Europe
It's a great pity that Greece is known on the tourist scene for all the usual tourist destinations, such as Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, etc., and so little is known of the unspoilt beauty of other parts of Greece. The purpose of this journal and the entry below is to highlight some of lesser-known Greece. From the port of Igoumenitsa, go to the far northwest to the beautiful little town of Parga. After a half-hour drive south, you come to the spectacular beaches of Syvota, Ammoudia, Kastrosykia, and others. Farther south is the seaside town of Preveza or the magic village of Menidi. Even farther south, you will be in the seaport and town of Amfilohia; the city of Mesologgi, with its photographic la...Read More

PATERAS restaurant

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Ammoudia River Photo, Greece, Europe
As you head south from the Port of Igoumenitsa towards Arta/Preveza, approximately 45-minutes drive you will see a sign for the village of AMMOUDIA on the right side of the highway. The sign is located (more or less) at the village of KANALAKI , not far from the ancient site of NEKROMANTEIO , the "Oracle of the Dead." The road to Ammoudia village is a pleasant few miles drive and you are aiming the beachfront , where the restaurant PATERAS is found , near the junction of a small river and the sea. The restaurant is a classic Greek fish taverna with all the usual fresh fish (try the red mullets ("barbounia"); or fried white bait ("tiganita maridakia"); or the fried squid ("tiganit...Read More

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Narrow and beautiful Photo, Greece, Europe
If you travel from Italy to Greece via ferry, often the first port of call is the Port of Igoumenitsa. This is an interesting little town with adequate hotel facilities and a wide choice of restaurants, bars, cafeterias, etc., but if you really look for value for money and a little more of "real Greece", your best bet is to get behind the wheel and start driving south towards Athens. 1. Just 15 minutes into your journey, you will come across the junction to SYVOTA, a beautiful secluded bay and beach, adorned by fish tavernas and extremely popular with yacht crews. 2. Continue driving south on what is Greece's main western highway (which by United Kindom standards wo...Read More