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An April 2005 trip to Loveland by Almost 40

Quote: Loveland Basin is a Colorado ski area right on the Continental Divide. The high altitude gives Loveland a long season, second only to Arapahoe Basin, just on the other side of Loveland Pass. What happens when two guys who should be working show up for a day of spring skiing?

Loveland Ski Area

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Karl's and my quest for The Truth commenced at 9:10am, as we hit the road from Denver for spring skiing at Loveland Basin. The Question: Will The Truth be revealed at 12,700 feet? Perhaps. From that vantage point, there's that deep blue, cloudless sky; the killer view, featuring at least a half-dozen fourteeners; the helicopter, flying several hundred feet BELOW ski level; and your intrepid skiers, zipping along the actual Continental Divide in search of more freshies and another unique line. The Truth lies in making fresh tracks above timberline, where almost nobody else skis. The Truth is finishing the run and looking back to admire your handiwork, like a sculptor admirin...Read More

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Loveland Ski Area
Interstate 70, Exit 216
Loveland, Colorado 80444
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