Lexington Journals

The Great Outdoors at Kentucky Horse Park

An April 2001 trip to Lexington by Alaina698

Quote: Located in the suburbs of Lexington, Kentucky, this campground/horse park is a wonderful place to visit, with nice facilities and plenty to do!

The Great Outdoors at Kentucky Horse Park


The best thing to do here is hang out around a campfire with friends and family and eat! The way the huge campground is set up makes it an awesome place to chill with the people you care about; because it is so large and spread out, you can actually enjoy your camping experience without having to worry about being right on top of another family camping next to you. You can also use the large campsites to play a game of football, soccer, frisbee, anything you want!Quick Tips: I believe you can rent a bike, but I didn't do it, so I don't know how much it costs. We didn't need coupons, because this is already a cheap vacation!Best Way To Get Around: Since it is such a huge campground, I...Read More