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Mayan Palace

A December 2005 trip to Acapulco by AUCSHNR

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Quote: The golf course was great to play. Sunday was 860, then it was 960 pesos for 3 days after making a deal with the manager. It has a very nice layout. If you're a golfer, you must play it. We hired a cab for a, afternoon at $100 for four people. There are more pics at
Mayan Palace Acapulco Photo, Acapulco, Mexico
The one-bedroom was just perfect. We took a couple with us and had a great time. There is a lot of space in a one-bedroom. The bed and pullout couch were hard. We ate out every night, but one time we call in for pizza. We were very happy with our room. This is a great place to stay. The people and staff are friendly and will help you in any way they can. You won't be sorry that you stayed here. Oh, and they are building a casino just down the street.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 25, 2005

Mayan Palace Acapulco
Avenida Costera De Las Palmas
Acapulco, Mexico
52 744 4696000

Carlos 'n' Charlies

Restaurant | "Carlos'n Charlies"

Carlos 'n' Charlies Photo, Acapulco, Mexico
What a great place to eat. For our night in the city, we took a carriage ride to the restaurant and had the best steak ever. The staff there knows how to please. It's a must to go there at least once.

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Carlos 'n' Charlies
Costera Miguel Alemán 112
Acapulco, Mexico 39690
+52 744 484 0039

Mayan Palace

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Mayan Palace Photo, Acapulco, Mexico
Watch what you pay. You can pay anywhere from 860 pesos to 1,300 pesos. We made a deal with the manager and paid 930 pesos for three days. The course had a very nice layout and excellent shape, but some of the greens were not in shape. This didn't affect our game, though. I have pic if you want to see them. Click on the link here or email me and I will send you them. See

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Mayan Palace
Av. Costera de las Palmas #1121
Acapulco, Mexico 39900,