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Spring Training

A March 2005 trip to Cape Coral by DiviAruba

Red Sox Spring Training Photo, Cape Coral, Florida More Photos
Quote: What do you do when the Red Sox finally win the World Series? Why, we go to Spring Training!
Red Sox Spring Training Photo, Cape Coral, Florida
Spring training is the best, especially when the Sox finally win the World Series! There is no bad seat in the park, and to tell you the truth, I prefer either the lawn or bleacher seats. There is room to move at this park, and they have great lemonade. The only problem is that most of the concession stand workers are actually volunteers and slow! I have to admit that the tickets were not the easiest to get, but we were able to go to all the games we wanted to see. We were there for 15 nights and saw seven games, only missing one home game that was a night game, as we did not want to go at night. We have not been there in quite a few years and the tickets have really gotten pricey, but it is worth ...Read More

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Red Sox Spring Training
City of Palms Park
Cape Coral, Florida

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