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An October 2003 trip to Dublin by Cair

Dun Laoghaire Photo, Dublin, Ireland More Photos
Quote: Tips on how to see and experience wthe sights and sounds of Dublin after an all-nighter with some Dubs in the pubs of beautiful Dublin, Ireland.

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Dun Laoghaire Photo, Dublin, Ireland
‘Tis just that an artistic and modern city with a fairytale background, complete with lush green countryside, flowing streams of Guinness, and magical spirits. One website I found extremely helpful before embarking on my trip was www.hosteldublin.com. This website rates area hotels on several criteria, including location, security, staff, and fun. Simply enter in the number of nights you will be staying, and a list of available hostels pops up, along with any web specials. One important note when canceling--be sure to do so more than 24 hours in advance; otherwise, your credit card will be charged in full. Upon arrival in Dublin, I got off the plane and took a city bus to the cen...Read More