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Bluebell Week

An April 2005 trip to Fairfax by not2creative

Bluebells forever Photo, Fairfax, Virginia More Photos
Quote: If you are in town for the cherry blossoms or live in the area, Bluebell Week at Bull Run Regional Park is a must-see. In the springtime, acres of bluebells and other wildflowers bloom beside a picturesque, meandering stream. Very serene!
Bluebells forever Photo, Fairfax, Virginia
The arrival of the cherry blossoms is the signal that the Virginia bluebells will start blooming. They carpet the floodplains of Bull Run Regional Park. Located at 7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, Virginia, this sight is a must for anyone in the area. Once inside the gates of the park, look to the right and you will spot the flowers. For the best view, continue on the road until you get to the camp store. Park in the parking lot and walk to the left. Take the second trail (marked with blue paint), which will loop you around on a 1.5-mile hike. Along the trail, you will also spot spring beauty and other spring wildflowers. These flowers bloom only once a year and last about a week. To re...Read More

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