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A travel journal to Afghanistan by Vicel

Quote: Not your usual dream destination and not the easiest to go to, either.



Afghanistan is a poor and troubled land. If you're up for a real, intense, no-nonsense adventure, you will find it throught the dust veil of this rugged, harsh but amazing country. Quick Tips: The one who ventures in Afghanistan must have a strong heart, a genuine interest in people, and self-preoccupation to the minimum. Women are best travelling with a male companion. Women cover their heads with Chodar (scarf). The only acceptable public exposure of skin is one's face and hands. Men are also advise to dress conservatively--shorts and sleeveless shirts are frowned upon. Kabul is less conservative than the rest of the country though. In Herat, women still wear a burqa on...Read More

Arghawa Restaurant


When my husband and I come to this restaurant (or any restaurant in Herat City), I always sit with my back facing the men. This discourages them from staring.

The food is great. They will serve you table-size breads and a big mound of rice with your poshti kabab or lamb chops. The food comes with fresh cabbage and a cup of fresh yoghurt.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 20, 2005



Panjshir is a famous, picturesque, narrow strip of valley northeast of Kabul. It is a heavyweight province in the Afghan political arena attributed to it being the home of Massoud, the national hero of Afghanistan.  Panjshir, under the leadership of Massoud, was a haven for the Mujahideen, an Afghan uprising which repelled the Russian invaders from their valley, and the only province in Afghanistan that the Taliban were unable to control.Driving up to Panjshir is quite an exhilarating experience.  We drove on narrow dirt road beside a roaring river.  On both sides rose cliffs of granite rocks and crumbly soil, making my heart skip a beat bec...Read More